Monday, December 04, 2006

after storm

the moon is particularly bright last night. the sky is clear and filled with glistening stars. so quiet, so peaceful. just staring 'neath the light gives a calming chill....a feeling of serenity just days after a super typhoon passed. but miles from where i am, many were left grieving and homeless. many will mourn on burials but most has been mud. they say it's the first time our country's been struck by 3 super typhoons in a year, guess nature is finally screaming. begging to be heard. telling us for the nth time that we should take care of her. respect her. afterall, she is our mother. and we are her stubborn children.

we are all guilty of this crime. no one else to blame but us. we got all the resources and wit but most of them are invested for destruction. if we can implement a strict rule on crimes against humanity, why can't crime against nature be pursued in earnest?

so how much time do we have? the clock is ticking tick tack.