Tuesday, May 06, 2008


there i was on my mediocre so called life; wandering nowhere and reluctantly admitting that my biological body has already escaped adolescence. i was fine, i mean i am fine, but suddenly a surge of thoughts from an unknown source flodded my usually empty head...i wanna be a dad.

ok. i know it's not a big deal. at my age, i am supposed to be a father, but why suddenly? was it love and lust conniving with my parental genes to signal my brain that it's time to plant my seeds? or is it simply because i'm getting old and finally my balls are matured to take the responsibility of fatherhood? or maybe both...and more.

i know it's not going to be easy, it's what separate men from boys. i am physically grown up but emotinally retarded but i know i am going to be a good father just like my dad (of course my dad isn't as retarded as I).

but it's not happening soon, not yet.