Friday, May 16, 2008

for raquel...

This letter goes to the woman I love. A lass who have taken my breath away, but keeps me alive. Captured by a flirtatious smile and an innocent kiss. This wandering soul suddenly stood still with a grin…at last I've found her.

My love, I may not have the most grandiose words to express the language of my heart, but I know the blood that flows in every beat it makes tells how my feelings for you flows. You are every scar that I have; permanent and will always stay. Perhaps, the most vivid description I could utter may not be embodied by my lips nor can my action speak louder as some poets may say, but rather by a mere gaze. I have stared at you more than you might have known and every look I see the face of the wife that I long to have; the mother of my kids (note plural); my part-time lover; my full-time friend.

I love you.

I always have and will always be.

And by the way, Happy Birthday!