Saturday, September 23, 2006

Moving Out

5 days left and we'll be moving to a new home...something to finally call "our own" . we've been renting for as far as i can remember. years of struggle and sacrifices finally paid off. hurrah to mom and dad.

we'll be having our own rooms too but i'll be sharing mine with my brother. it's fine compared to several years of sleeping in the couch. not that i'm complaining but i've already outgrown them all :) gonna miss my couch...

i'm not that excited though. haven't seen the house. but will probably be there tomorrow to do some cleanup before moving in on the 28th. i've likewise filed my leave for 2 days(28 and 29) which would allow me to help with furnishing the house.

hope we'll do well in our new abode and may God bless us more