Thursday, July 05, 2007

a habit?

i dunno. i'm never good at making one. my enthusiasm doesn't last much and it's usually gone before i know it. yesterday, i bought a third book from mitch albom, "for one more day", after finishing "the five people you meet in heaven" a day before. i've been reading during my commute to work ever since i got here, starting with "purpose-driven life" (which i still havent finished) and then later on with mitch albom marathon. guess it's indeed a habit, for i am scouting for new books even before finishing my current one. problem is, there isn't much from where i bought most of my books plus i'm not really into famous novels, i usually go for simplicity of words used and with inspirational plot, although dan brown's stories and elizabeth kostova's "the historian" are exceptions. well, after this book im not really sure what to read next. guess i need to visit takashimaya's library to scout for new ones or probably be lazy and just google it up.