Friday, October 27, 2006


ugh,i hate it. why can't i break the ice? often tongue-tied. this shyness traps me in a predicament of being regarded as haughty. and it sucks! i'm a man with few words, not that i regret being one, but confabulations are inevitable. i bet it's a gift, a talent, innate to people with such knack for colloquy. i've always wished i could spontaneously converse with people, exchange thoughts at almost about anything...with less hesitations. but i was never endowed with such nor do i see myself to become one. it's just not me.

Friday, October 20, 2006

merry christmas!

i'm adjusting well. today i've found a terminal for FX en route to MRT at a fare just three(3) pesos more than MMTC(see related entry). faster and convenient for 3 bucks, not bad at all.

brrr i love to walk every morning instead of taking the tryke. it wakes me up. rejuvenates my body and makes my brain active. yeah. yeah. ok, so i'm a cheapskate! walking saves me 12 pesos/day plus it's really not that far especially with the shortcut i've found hehe but guess i'll be taking the long path again since it leads directly to the terminal *sigh*

hey! i'm beginning to feel the chill woooooo Christmas is definitely near!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


ok it's still my time to procrastinate before engaging in my brain-draining routine ha! guess what suddenly pops out of my fiendish mind? this mediocre creature now wants to be a hardcore web programmer! write html codes in plain notepad, use AJAX all the way!, paint with extremely advanced CSS and execute with overly complex scripts! bwahahaha i shall rule cyberspace and be hailed like a king!!!

by the way, is there a cure for indolence? :D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


prolly the bus of choice for me right now (from my place going to work, that is). mmtc, i don't even know what it stands for but my guess would be - metro manila transit corporation (pretty easy huh!?). but one thing that i guess sets this bus (minibus actually) is their obvious preference for "kunduktora" rather than the usual "kunduktor". even the inspector is a she. cool! \m/ they may not be scantily clad young, sexy bitches that i hope they are, but they're better than their male counterpart. they don't stink plus they're far more easier to ask for your change coz they don't look like goons who'll clobber you if you insist for your money tee hee!

i can only hope that their drivers are now more cautious and have learned from their previous mishaps

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

tenten's birthday today!

made this vector art last july (yata :p) they're currently staying with us after typhoon milenyo devastated cavite...we're just glad they're safe. happy birthday tenten! sagot ko ice cream! :D

Monday, October 02, 2006

arayat st.

been 5 days and everything seems to be doing well except for some minor blunders. we've finally completed the transfer yesterday and i got the last look at our old, now empty house. and as i gaze at the barren corners, nostalgia embraces me from behind. flashbacks flooded my thoughts...all 18 years of it. *sigh* ugh! sweet...