Sunday, August 05, 2007

selamat detang malaysia

going to malaysia was simply a matter of time. i mean, it was obvious, one way or another i am definitely going to step on it's territories. friday was the day, august 3, 2007. it was supposed to be a visit to the client to present a subsystem for the MES System we are developing. the lab test request subsystem was initially not part of my workload. i've finished(almost) the contracts and management subsystems and we are running out of time so a decision was made to help a fellow developer with her tasks. but then again, the plan did not materialized but the destination remains. instead of going to the client, we pay a visit to a co-employee whose mother just past away due to cancer. it was a good gesture of the company to do such things. we stayed there for almost an hour before they decide to head back to singapore. but me and fellow filipinos planned to stay. um not on the wake but on a 5 star hotel...for free! one of us has a friend that works as a pianist there. he was playing his last few pieces when we arrived then he and his wife joined us for dinner afterwards. they were very hospitable and are quite easy to get along with. i even got to make a request for him to play pachelbel's canon; it was magnificent. later, we proceed to the lounge and meet some of their malay friends. one of which was a singer in the hotel. she sings well and we were there to applaud her performance till her last song. we also got to meet one of the chef which specializes in italian food. he's actually the one who prepares the pizza that we dined earlier. it was his last day in the hotel after resigning to accept an offer in one of the hotels in kuala lumpur. he's quite cool and is a good friend of the couple, and later, us. in the end he offered to pay for the bills as a treat; a despedida treat. how can we refuse hehe. then he invited us to a bar for booze and live band. it's like the night will never end.

in the end, we stayed, dined, and slept in a 5-star hotel...for free. what an experience for a first timer in malaysia.