Monday, October 29, 2007


i'm really getting frustrated at my current work...but i'll stay for a few more months...maybe. surely i'll survive this year, i need to grab the opportunity to train in genoa, italy first. i'm still not sure about the best way to find a new job here. my first option, which i think is more practical, is via an agent. if my information is right, it'll save me the hassle of processing my employment pass since they'll be handling it for me while i'm busy preparing for my turn-over. i sense a bleak future for my career and finance if i'll be staying here. and if i intend not to stay in singapore for years then it's apt to get a higher salary as early as i can. well, goodluck to me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

kaspersky sucks!

i'm in the office with some time to spare while i'm waiting for the server to return to normal and let me connect to sourcesafe; damn kaspersky. oh well, at least it gave me time to write these mumblings about how kaspersky sucks LOL. i'm quite happy with AVG and Zonealarm. suffice to say that it's all the protection i need since i wasn't infected by the virus that recently spread in the office. the contamination severely affected a collegue that a reformat was the only option. the server was affected as well, and then after it was restored, came a policy to use kaspersky and then all hell broke loose. ok im exaggerating. but for awhile i wasn't able to use my yahoo messenger and having problems connecting my ipod touch(isn't that a disaster?). i was able to trace the problem to a proxy setting which somehow was modified by kaspersky.

oookay nuff with these idle time and i guess i'll just be disconnecting from sourcesafe until they manage to fix it again. ciao

Saturday, October 13, 2007

iPod touch wins

ok, so i went for iPod touch and so far so good except for the charger that i bought which somehow seems not to be working; thus, i'll be charging my gadget via usb for the moment. so far this will be my most expensive gadget ever bought but really im not that excited ;P


Friday, October 12, 2007


it's been a while since i last visited my blog. and if not for "safari" which i just installed, then maybe am not scribbling this nonsense. i kinda liked the look and feel of this browser, albeit firefox is still far better both in performance and add-ons. but anyway, it's still in beta so it's a bit too early to criticize.

i'm thinking of buying/rewarding myself with the latest iPod nano. i'm not a junkie on gadgets, in fact, on these times when you'll always see at least one person parading their music player, i'm still stucked with my z800i; well why not, i don't use the phone much so i'll rather make use of it's media features. but then, i was at awe at the innovations of iPod touch...jeez now i'm having a hard time to decide which to buy.

tomorrow i'll be sending a sum to my SO and soon "business partner". we'll start by buying sewing machines and renting it to some of their workers whose residence is a bit far from the workplace. it's more of a goodwill than business as it was inspired by my girl's concern on their workers.

oh well, it's 12:14 am and i got nothing else to blab, so off i go; at least the cobwebs here has been (somehow) cleared.