Saturday, June 23, 2007

saturday sentiment

it’s a boring day…and it’s saturday. i’m starting to write without any idea what it is about. i guess i just need something to do, need to somehow preoccupy myself with other stuff aside from staring at my laptop and surfing the net. i’m feeling quite lazy these past weekends. i’m not enjoying my breaks the way i should be. ugh! i just had a cup of coffee and feeling the urge to get another. the tube is nothing but a colored flicker and gibberish sound. a cool breeze enters my window uninvitedly, mocking the gloomy ambiance that suffocates this poor soul. i'm sober yet wasted.

i need to go the restroom.

i just need to poo.

that's all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


today, i've finished reading tuesdays with morrie the same way i started it, on a bus to work. well, come to think of it, i've always read it during my commute to work. pachelbel's canon, which was playing on my cp, somehow, is a perfect background as the ending slowly unfolds. t'was a nice read and will definitely help you see life on a different perspective.

next: the five people you meet in heaven

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


today i finally decided to ripped the plastic covering of this book i've bought some months back. i've heard alot of recommendations for this book, along with another from the same author. funny 'coz i have always thought Mitch Albom and "Morrie" were both females :D i started reading it while on a bus to work. it was great! i mean wow! i have never skipped a page, literally. this is definitely a classic.