Saturday, April 28, 2007

waiting for payday

two days to go before pay day and i still have some bucks to spare. actually, i still have SGD500 on my account. i'm supposed to get a haircut today(funny coz today's calvin and hobbes strip shows calvin on a barber shop) but it'll mean i have to withdraw from my ATM. doing so means breaching my plan to save at least SGD500 per month. the cheapest haircut, according to a friend, will cost SGD15, and it's rare. average cost is prolly between 20 and 30, in PHP that'll be...oooppssss gotta quit converting haha. i only got less than 10 bucks with me, enough to compensate for monday's expenses plus extra for this weekend.

i'll be sending my first ever remittance this coming saturday. it'll be days delayed from payday since the remittance center is a bit far from our place. i hope everybody back home are ok.

i usually spend weekends at home. doing laundry. cleaning. watching tv. chatting. surfing the net. and sometimes strolling at Labrador Park. i'm planning to jog during afernoon weekends there and maybe i'll start today (well at least, i hope so).

Friday, April 06, 2007

good friday

today is good friday and i've just finished helping preparing the dishes. we are planning for a small gathering today with fellow filipinos. this will be my 3rd week here in singapore and i'm blending quite well. last night we were invited by a co-worker to their small gathering with other christians and we even get to know a fellow filipino who was invited as well. we share a simple dinner with several dishes and cola and had a lengthy talk about some theological inquiries. we even shared about how holy week is celebrated in the philippines. they're quite taken aback from the idea of penitence and i had a hard time explaining how i understand why some do it. in the end we really had a good conversation and went home at past 12am.

i'm missing home. it's hard not to, especially on holidays such as this. it's a good thing mom is learning to use the cellphone i gave her. thanks to technology and instant messengers(YM in particular).

i miss my gf. sundays are supposed to be our day together and i'm spending it here washing my clothes and playing DOTA :) but i never fail to send a message to her every night. we constantly chat and still says our good nights and sweet nothings.

i'm not sure how long i'll be staying here but certainly my destination is back home.