Wednesday, December 27, 2006


i woke up today with a pair of notion reverberating in my mind, commute is a breeze and mrt ain't that crowded. confident with that thought, i lazily did my routines and head-off with a bag of second-hand headsets. i volunteered to purchase those items last saturday as i was close by the store, my obvious consolation was of course, a pick of the best item. and so i travel, so far traffic was indeed swift. oh so sweet. then, at the station just as i stepped on the top ladder of the escalator, a usual scene slapped me --- crowded as i've never expected. jeez, people should be enjoying the holidays in the comfort of their homes. sleeping late and waking up even later. they're not supposed to be here this early. oh well, guess i was merely dreaming for a day of uncongested mrt trip. fact is, most filipinos still can't afford for unpaid work leave. well just like everyone else, i was one of those crowd, squeezing my way in. oh what a trip.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

you're early!

i came to work today rather unusually early. haven't change my routines and i'm actually minutes late from my usual departure from home. i crossed the creek then walked my way up to the gates of franville. i was lucky to have boarded an fx today, which gave me enough comfort to read my book. it's hard reading it while standing on a crowded mini-bus so i took the pleasure of digesting as many pages that i can. up on the mrt(quezon avenue), it was crowded as it had always been specially on rush hours. i managed to squeezed myself in on the first train and was surprised at the time i alight at shaw boulevard --- it was 7:35am! i checked my cellphone's time thinking the station's clock was probably broken and to my amazement it was indeed correct. whew! that's odd, that time of my trip was supposedly my usual time of arrival in quezon avenue. great! now i have enough time to wander my way to the jeepney station. as i approached the station, there is mr. taho vendor waving at me waiting for my nod. just a simple hand gesture or a nod is our simple distant conversation and he would immediately prepare my taho. by the time i approached at his place he was already placing the lid of the cup and then into a plastic bag. i paid him 10 pesos and exchanged 'thank you' as we part. i arrived at the office at 7:57 and took my breakfast of scrambled egg, hotdog, and a half cup of rice, and my taho of course.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the historian

i've been reading elizabeth kostova's "the historian" for days now but not as diligent as i would want to if not for my work which consumes most of my time. i’m trying to finish the book the soonest to return it to jay who was kind enough to lend it. opportunity for reading is scarce so i'm trying to squeeze 'em between my travel times, often during bus rides to and fro. it's a great pasttime for this weekday routine, not to mention the captivating plot that'll surely keep you hooked. oh well, it's quite hard pounding keys for this entry on my T230 phone so i guess that's all for now.

Monday, December 04, 2006

after storm

the moon is particularly bright last night. the sky is clear and filled with glistening stars. so quiet, so peaceful. just staring 'neath the light gives a calming chill....a feeling of serenity just days after a super typhoon passed. but miles from where i am, many were left grieving and homeless. many will mourn on burials but most has been mud. they say it's the first time our country's been struck by 3 super typhoons in a year, guess nature is finally screaming. begging to be heard. telling us for the nth time that we should take care of her. respect her. afterall, she is our mother. and we are her stubborn children.

we are all guilty of this crime. no one else to blame but us. we got all the resources and wit but most of them are invested for destruction. if we can implement a strict rule on crimes against humanity, why can't crime against nature be pursued in earnest?

so how much time do we have? the clock is ticking tick tack.