Thursday, May 24, 2007

learning nihongo

minasan, ohayo gozaimasu. been trying to learn japanese. i don't know, i should be learning mandarin as most people here speak that language but i've been trying to listen to their words and it seems everything sounds the same :D. plus i find nihongo easier to learn due to the swarm of anime and porn available. i don't know how long i can hold this enthusiasm but i hope i could learn enough to understand what naruto characters are saying even without looking at the subtitles. ja, ne

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

bali, indonesia

it felt like home. the streets, the people, the beach. the experience at Bali was simply exhilarating. stayed at hard rock hotel for 4 nights and 3 days (May 10-13), feasting with free eat-all-you-can breakfast buffet while my sinful eyes wanders for skimpy clad gals. our hotel is just a stone-throw away from the beach, crowded as always with surfers and tourists.

the first day was quite a disaster. we spent most of our time traveling and did nothing except wander a bit at the sacred monkey forest sanctuary. we passed and stopped for a while at their own version of rice terraces, but of course it wasn't as beautiful as what we have. it was dark when we reached the hotel and settled for a late dinner at a local restaurant. it was quite a disappointing day for some of my companions but i tried not to frustrate myself for there are more things to appreciate than to complain about. and oh, did i mention we were a millionaire for a day or two? SGD1 is about 5800 rupiah :p

the next day was the most exciting day for the rest of the vacation. we went to Nusa Dua beach and engaged in some awesome activities. i did para-sailing, fly-fish, and finally the banana boat. what an experience. next stop was Dreamland resort where i took some of my breath-taking sunset shots hehe. the place holds true to its name. and finally, the group decided to went to a local spa and relax for a bit.

it was such a wonderful experience. never thought i could be in two countries in 3 months time. no rants for me, just pure enjoyment. and i still had a hangover from it haha! next stop?